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Dhanicha fiber was discovered in Bangladesh in 2008 by Mozibul Haque, the owner of SABA Fashion, and it has received national and international recognition and has been copyrighted. This fiber has been added to the list of natural fibres and can be used for various purposes.

The fiber was displayed in Heimtextil 2010 and an international press conference was held and the news was published in various international newspapers.

SABA Fashion has been in Bangladesh for 35 years with a different name and different industry identity as innovative product development, textile and apparel research and culture, bulk manufacturing of textile and all kinds of apparels from basics to high end for export marketing worldwide. SABA Fashion is a Canadian registered company operating from Canada and Bangladesh helping fashion designers, agencies, wholesalers, retailers, contractors, apparel manufacturers and many other promotional corporate companies for their workwear and uniforms as well.

The company owner Mozibul Haque is a businessman, fashion consultant and renowned technical expert from fibre to fashion who has 35 years of industry experience with various achievements in fashion innovation and diversification of the process and products. Moreover he has always engulfed himself in supporting humanitarian causes across Bangladesh for skill development of the labor force in order to make them employable in the apparel industry, especially underprivileged women of Bangladesh and today we have millions of skilled workers in Bangladesh. Please click here to view my Personal Profile

Since SABA Fashion is deeply connected to all the major industries in Bangladesh for decades we can source materials, accessories, all kinds of surface decoration and various choices for production facilities and quality control catering to an individual buyer’s needs and requirements with proper quality and time management. Based on that, SABA Fashion is very helpful to fashion companies worldwide for product development and bulk manufacturing acing as a bridge between buyer and seller.

Last but not the least, our main goal is to transform this planet into harmless, pollution-free, eco-friendly, sustainable, breathable, comfortable, and acceptable living place for the generation next.

Natural fibers of the world 🌎