Environment Stewardship

  • Investing in biological Effluent Treatment Plants to decontaminate all waste water discharge.

  • Biannual tree plantation programs to help offset our carbon footprint.

  • Rainwater harvesting to reduce the impact on our freshwater supplies.

Social compliance goals and objectives

The goal of social compliance is to create a significant improvement within factory complex, along with the stake holders and community through a strong commitment to implement required criteria’s that cover at every stage in sustainability journey.

The objective of social compliance is to protect or expunction employees and local communities well-being by collectively implementation of local law, rules & regulation on Recruitment & hiring, Working hour condition, Compensation & Benefits, workers involvement, how we treat with workers, Health & Safety issues,

Performance Management System, Community impact, Engagement, Transparency and Environmental safety accordingly.

*All the factories we work with are fully compliance with internationally regulated standards

Compliance Certifications