Mission & Vision


Since world is moving towards sustainability because of the global environmental crisis, SABA Fashion believes to have a new vision to look at the world fashion through a harmless and pollution free process of manufacturing. We believe in natural dyes and natural fibres.


We have been researching to create an eco manufacturing process since long in order to maintain the natural balance and promote a pollution free environment and for this very reason we have various types of products that can be hand-crafted, manually produced in Bangladesh with minimum use of machinery and chemicals.


We are striving hard to inspire the global community in coming forward and wholeheartedly incorporating the usage of manually crafted products, manufactured using 100% natural ingredients, in their daily lives to reduce the harmful industrial impact on nature.


Being a pioneer in textile and apparel industries in Bangladesh and with all our highly seasoned experienced team led by Mozibul Haque in Bangladesh where we started from 1983 which was the industrial revolution and since then developed our industries, reached customers at a global scale, maximised our exports and also created millions of employment opportunities in various sectors of textiles, apparels and backward linkage. In the last 40 years this was only possible due to our industrious work, dedication and motivation which has led Bangladesh to reach an export volume of US$ 45 billion approx.

One of SABA Fashion’s milestone is to replicate the same process and ideas here in Canada using the years of hands on industry experience to establish a blooming and rising fashion industry and business which will focus on saving the nature and creating unlimited employment opportunities in Canada which will contribute to the significant growth of the Canadian export sector. It could be purely Canadian based or also could be Bangladesh-Canada joint venture projects. 

SABA Fashion is committed for encouraging all fashion lovers vote for Made in Canada label more & more which brings more demand more production more industries & more revenue.


SABA believes the strategic importance of business zodiac. Our research suggests the use of our ability now what we have in correct level so please let’s get together all fashion experts for next venture for increasing awareness for building more clothing manufacturing and related industries in Canada 🍁 which will grow supply for domestic and export demand and a huge increase of employment skills and unskilled employment in Canada which will result in a successful economic growth in North and South American markets.